SAFETY: N.H. revs up for zero highway crash fatalities

Gov. Lynch declares July Driving Toward Zero Month

July 16, 2012

New Hampshire has introduced a new program with the lofty goal of cutting crash-related deaths to zero.

The "Driving Toward Zero" program, a partnership between the New Hampshire Department of Transportation (NHDOT) and the Driving Toward Zero Coalition, is a comprehensive plan aimed at reducing the number of serious injuries and fatalities from vehicle crashes on New Hampshire roadways, with the ultimate goal of having a year without a single fatality.

"While zero deaths on New Hampshire's highways may seem like an unreachable goal, we can all agree that even one fatality is one too many and that zero is the only number we can live with," said NHDOT Commissioner Chris Clement in a statement. "The current levels of deaths and injuries are unacceptable and each of us must do everything we can to make a difference."

To coincide with the creation of the program, New Hampshire Gov. John Lynch proclaimed July 2012 Driving Toward Zero Month across the state. He also encouraged residents to sign up and take the Driving Toward Zero Pledge to express support for traffic safety.

More information on the New Hampshire Driving Toward Zero program is available at