Rumble strips survive test of cold

RoadQuake Temporary Portable Rumble Strips
RoadQuake Temporary Portable Rumble Strips

Several western and high plains states wanted to see how portable rumble strips would perform in temperatures below 40° F.

A test location was set up in Lamar, Colo., and two separate tests were run last October and December. Both tests were run on U.S. 287 and used RoadQuake Temporary Portable Rumble Strips.

Lamar is in the southeast quadrant of Colorado, about 30 miles west of the Kansas border. U.S. Highways 50 and 287 intersect there; U.S. 287 runs north to Kit Carson, joining U.S. 40; the road then turns northwest, where it merges with I-70 into Denver. U.S. 50 runs west from Kansas, and then northwest to Pueblo, about 120 miles from Lamar. 

For the October tests, four rumble strips were assembled and installed. After several days of 8-hour tests, with temperatures ranging from 27°F to 104°F, it was determined that the new material was stable. No strip moved more than 3 in. on any given day.

Crews returned in December to test whether the new material would remain stable in colder weather. Again, strips were installed on U.S. 287 for several days of testing, 8 hours per day. This time, temperatures were as low as 5°F. The results: The new material remained stable at sub-freezing temperatures throughout the tests, never moving more than 3.5 in. on any given day.  

After the Lamar tests, RoadQuake 2 was introduced at the ATSSA Traffic Expo this past February, where it took 3rd place at the Innovation Awards.

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