Rumble strips introduced in Virginia to prevent work-zone injuries

The rumble strips will serve as a physical, auditory and visual warning for drivers passing work zones

April 12, 2018
work-zone safety

Beginning this year, work zones in the state of Virginia will have rumble strips, a safety tool that will be used to capture the attention of drivers as well as alert workers to cars entering a work zone, according to officials with the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT).

VDOT officials hope the new safety device will keep drivers focused on the road in front of them. The department is trying to implement new measures to protect both drivers and workers at work zones in recognition of National Work Zone Awareness Week.

In addition to warning signs, the new strips will serve as physical, auditory and visual warning for drivers to pay attention with three strips leading up to and out of each work zone.

According to VDOT, the state lost 12 people last year to work-zone crashes and with the additional warning signs, they hope to have zero fatalities this year. Because work zones have changing conditions, VDOT advises drivers passing by them to slow down, keep a safe distance and obey all signs.


Source: WHSV-TV

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