RU2 Systems, Inc.

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2631 N Ogden Road
Mesa, AZ

RU2 Systems manufactures quality radar speed control signs to fit your needs. We are dedicated to helping you slow down speeders in your area by supplying radar controlled display products that will alert speeders of how fast they are driving. Radar signs have been proven to slow traffic, therefore making your streets, neighborhoods and work zones safer.


Why are RU2 System's products better? We have quality products to fit your needs. The RU2 radar control signs range from full blown police signs with data recording, electric jacks, solar panel and heavy duty trailer, to signs that will mount to poles or walls.


  • The RU2 Fast-3350 VMS Speed Display Trailer has a 30-in. x 50-in. full graphic, medium density LED array capable of 1 to 3 lines of text, full graphic characters and complex animation. The VMS...
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