Rounding the Way

Case Studies
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The difficulty with designing roundabouts is well known. Using conventional CAD programs to modify roundabout geometric changes, no matter how minor, can be a labor-intensive effort that can rapidly impact a project schedule.

When Bohannan Huston Inc. (BHI) began using Transoft Solutions’ TORUS software , however, it immediately recognized the software's ability to streamline roundabout design, analysis and production workflow. What had taken hours was reduced to minutes. It was clear that the software’s strength expedites roundabout design layout. This efficiency gives BHI’s design engineers more time to address other project details and to interact with clients to meet expectations.

The company’s return on investment was realized within days of the TORUS purchase. BHI had been working for several weeks on a roundabout design with tight right-of-way and geometric constraints. Tremendous effort had been expended in formulating numerous design iterations, yet consensus on the preferred alternative was nowhere in sight. BHI scheduled a meeting with the review agency to discuss design process. Using TORUS , together with the review agency,BHI interactively designed and analyzed a roundabout “on the fly.”

The ability to have the fast path update as design modifications were made was powerful. In moments, BHI evaluated multiple alternatives to mitigate the constraints and resolve entry speed issues that had before seemed insurmountable. Using traditional methods, such changes would normally require several hours to generate a revised roundabout layout and an additional review meeting to view the results.

Using the software, BHI kept the discussion going to achieve a solution with the client in that same meeting. The software enhanced the company’s ability to interface with the client. BHI improved both the quality of work and of client interactions. The result: Design was completed on time and on budget with a satisfied client.

BHI has integrated TORUS as a standard program for the designers. Currently, BHI is developing conceptual roundabout designs at four intersection locations. This would have likely required more than 40 hours in the roundabout geometric layout without the software.

Since TORUS, BHI has been able to develop initial concepts in just minutes, with the added knowledge and benefit that because the geometrics are based upon the desired design vehicles, the geometrics will work without having to manually check turning movements. The time savings have allowed BHI to focus more on evaluating feasible alternative concepts, maximizing the client's project dollar and achieving optimal design solutions.

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