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4362 Chesswood Dr.
Toronto, Ontario
M3J 2B9

ROOFLIFTERS specializes in the lifting of heavy structures. Through the use of its patented CribPost system, ROOFLIFTERS is able to lift large industrial roofs and bridge decks. The CribPost system can also be used in various heavy shoring applications. Each CribPost has a lifting capacity of 25-tons and can be clustered to achieve higher capacities. CribPosts are segmented posts that can start at heights as low as 6 feet and can be adusted to reach heights of up to 70 feet or more. ROOFLIFTERS is a full service general contractor.


  • Rooflifters specializes in the lifting of heavy structures such as bridge decks and roofs. Using its patented CribPost system, multiple lifting points can raise large structures with a high degree of...
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