Rocket Land Development Takes Flight in South Florida Market, Fueled by Thunder Creek

November 02, 2021
Rocket Land Development Takes Flight in South Florida Market, Fueled by Thunder Creek

From his early working years, George Rembos has had a passion to build his business from the ground up in the tropics of South Florida. Being in an environment he’s passionate about assisted in the creation of Rocket Land Development, which started in 2011.

Rocket Land Development is a premier civil site contractor performing earthwork, underground utilities, storm drainage, sanitary work, water distribution, fire mains, erosion control, and anything else that’s needed for the site construction of a project. Rembos’ passion for both the work, and the people he employs and works for, have been driving factors of success of Rocket Land Development.

South Florida has shown continued growth potential as more people flock to the south, whether for business or pleasure and the multitude of reasoning for relocations or reconstruction pushes the need for premier contractors to do both commercial and residential projects. The Miami and south Florida market has kept Rembos and his employees hustling. The amount of work on their plate has put a premium on what sets Rocket Land Development apart from their competitors: Service.

Rembos may not hold a marketer’s title, but has tricks up his sleeve to make people turn their heads and hold their attention. The idea behind the oversized rocket decals that emblazon his machinery is that it makes an impact in many people’s minds. He believes that you have to create an environment where people can get behind and want to move forward with. The rocket branding allows people to know where they are, and where they can be found.

Rocket Land Development invests in their equipment as much as they do people. They believe evolving, changing, and adapting new ways to stay efficient and provide the best service and work is essential to staying ahead of the competition. That’s when the company’s Thunder Creek Equipment Fuel Trailers – an MTT 690 and MTT 460 – entered the picture.

Rembos found Thunder Creek and knew immediately it fit his needs. He’s seen how it has positively impacted their effectiveness and efficiency, as well as their bottom line. With the trailers, Rembos and the Rocket Land team store their fuel at the jobsite in bulk, using a fueling vendor to deliver diesel. Then, using both the trailers and nurse tanks in the back of their pickup trucks, the team shuttles fuel to a variety of jobsites they have running simultaneously.

Being a heavy civil contractor, Rocket Land Development has many large pieces of equipment that are always in use. Rembos has seen nothing but positive outcomes after adding the Thunder Creek trailers to his fleet.

The trailers have allowed them to have the fuel on hand to be responsive, and meet their client’s needs, regardless of the situation.

Rocket Land Development Takes Flight in South Florida Market, Fueled by Thunder Creek

One of Rembos’s superintendents, John Zimmerman, has also seen nothing but positive impacts from the use of the Thunder Creek.

Zimmerman has been in the industry for more than 30 years and discussed how he’s seen it all when it comes to fuel trucks and trailers, but when he joined the Rocket Land Development team, he was in awe at the trailers.

“It negates the fact of having to have a specialized driver for a fuel truck. Any of my team members have the ability to move it if they need to,” Zimmerman said. “Saving the company money and the ability to be able to go and get the fuel when the prices are good because we have the trailer is another way we save a lot of money.”


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