ROADS/BRIDGES: Tenn., Mich., receive emergency relief from U.S. DOT

Funds will be used to repair I-65 bridge and flood-damaged infrastructure

News August 21, 2014
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The U.S. DOT has released emergency relief funds for the I-65 bridge near Nashville, Tenn., and flood-damage infrastructure around the Detroit area.
Tennessee will receive $1 million to repair the I-65 bridge over Peytonsville Road, which was damaged by a truck fire. A replacement for the span was under construction, but the blaze charred part of the new structure, which was demolished due to safety reasons. The first five lanes of the new 10-lane bridge were scheduled to open later this year.
“Commuters rely on this key link every day to get to jobs, shopping, school and back to their homes, and these funds are a down payment on our commitment to restoring this important transportation connection to the people of Tennessee,” said Foxx.
The Michigan Department of Transportation will receive $750,000 to help repair roads and bridges that were left under water after heavy rains in the Detroit Metro area on Aug. 11. Damage was extensive on I-75, I-94 and the I-75/696 interchange. Pavements, guardrails, ramps and bridge slopes were completely washed out on those interstates.
“Roadway destruction caused by [the] storm has greatly inconvenienced Michiganders who rely on these critical transportation links every day,” said Foxx.

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