ROADS/BRIDGES: Salt Lake region megaproject close to Federal approval

Pending final approval construction on $725 million Utah freeway will begin in less than three years

Road Construction News U.S. News & World Report July 11, 2017
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Salt Lake region megaproject close to Federal approval

Federal and state highway officials have released an environmental analysis identifying the route for a proposed 19-mile West Davis Corridor designed to serve commuters in the Salt Lake City area.


The Federal Highway Administration and the Utah Department of Transportation have been working on the final draft environmental impact statement the past seven years, developing and analyzing 51 different options for the road that were under review by a study team.


Transportation officials say input from residents and community members was considered in determining the final route.


Utah Department of Transportation Project Manager Randy Jefferies said the new highway will immediately reduce traffic congestion in the region by 35%.


The Salt Lake region is hemmed in by mountainous terrain on three sides, and the new corridor is being hailed as a boon to economic and social development in the area.

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