ROADS/BRIDGES: NJDOT planning for $3.7 billion budget for FY 2015

Money will help support largest project in agency history, the Pulaski Skyway rehabilitation

News April 29, 2014
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The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) has announced a proposed capital program for FY 2015 that supports $2.5 billion in NJDOT and other agency investments and another $1.2 billion in NJ Transit improvements, for a total program of $3.7 billion.


The proposed capital budget focuses on safety, mobility and maintaining assets in a state of good repair. It supports the largest project in NJDOT history—the Pulaski Skyway rehabilitation—and maintains local aid grants to counties and municipalities at robust levels to help ease burdens on local property taxpayers.


“This proposed program boosts investments in our roads and bridges that New Jersey residents rely upon for safe and efficient travel to work, school and other daily activities,” said NJDOT Commissioner James Simpson. “We are focusing our investment dollars on the safety, state-of-good-repair and quality-of-life improvements that make New Jersey an attractive place to raise families and establish businesses.”


“This program allows us to continue to deliver safe and reliable services to our customers while keeping the state’s transit network in a state of good repair and modernizing our bus and rail fleets,” said NJ Transit Executive Director Veronique “Ronnie” Hakim. “The budget also supports our continuous focus on critical infrastructure needs in the coming years.” 


The $3.7 billion program includes $1.6 billion in state funds, the same as last year, and $1.5 billion in federal funds, which support a $1.9 billion NJDOT capital program and a $1.2 billion NJ Transit program.


Another $615 million in Port Authority of New York & New Jersey projects, included for federal reporting purposes, raises the total proposed FY 15 capital program value to $3.7 billion, but these projects are not administered by NJDOT or NJ Transit.


From the $1.6 billion in state funds, NJDOT will receive $1.13 billion and NJ Transit will get $470 million. From the $1.5 billion in federal support, NJDOT will receive $776 million, while NJ Transit will get $695 million.


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