ROADS/BRIDGES: N.C. House proposal bolsters Gov. McCory’s bond plan for infrastructure upgrades

North Carolina House leaders propose a $2.8 billion bond referendum.

Funding News August 04, 2015
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North Carolina House Republican leaders added to Gov. Pat McCrory's plan to borrow almost $3 billion for road and infrastructure spending by introducing a proposal that would add even more money for statewide projects.
The North Carolina House of Representatives proposed a $2.8 billion bond referendum to go toward rebuilding the state’s infrastructure system.
House Speaker Tim Moore, R-Cleveland, and other chamber leaders presented their overall $4 billion spending plan, including a $2.85 billion bond that would mostly go toward infrastructure projects.
McCrory wants to split the bonds evenly between transportation and infrastructure projects, but the House instead plans to direct $2.46 billion of bond money toward infrastructure and $400 million toward transportation.
Like the Senate, the House would halt transfers from the state Highway Fund to pay for transportation-related items such as the Highway Patrol that aren't directly related to construction costs. The funding plans would give the House $1.296 billion over the next six years. Under the plan, an additional $400 million will go toward projects McCrory has said are "shovel ready" because they have cleared key environmental assessments.

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