ROADS/BRIDGES: Md. calms its highway spending after breakout 2013

Increasing gas tax produced $4.4 billion program, but 2015-2020 budget is much lighter

News September 03, 2014
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After opening the wallet last year, many would think the state of Maryland was putting a clamp on the coin in 2015. The agency, however, made its move in 2013, which is why there is only a call for about $280 million in new projects for the coming years.
The Maryland DOT unveiled a lighter budget covering 2015 through 2020. The announcement comes following a $4.4 billion spending spree, thanks in large part to an increase in the state gas tax, and officials believe the next five years will consist of making sure those major projects make it to completion.
“Marylanders deserve to see what they are getting for their money, and this six-year budget continues our commitment of using the funding generated by the [Transportation Infrastructure Investment Act of 2013] to move projects through construction,” said Transportation Secretary James Smith. “Our goal with this budget is to get projects out the door and in the field as quickly as possible so citizens can benefit.”
The highlights of the new list of projects includes structural work on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and the creation of a new light-rail transit line, which will connect Montgomery County with neighboring Prince George’s County and the Washington Metro system.

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