ROADS/BRIDGES: Massive Indiana East-West toll road project begins today

The $200 million project is the first major piece of work on this corridor since the toll road’s debut in 1954

April 11, 2016
Massive Indiana East-West toll road project

Indiana’s East-West Toll Road is set to receive a $200 million makeover and work begins today. According to the Indiana Department of Transportation, it is to be the largest project undertaken by the toll road since its original construction in 1954.

The project’s scale includes the rehabilitation of 73 miles of pavement, including shoulders and ramps, and the rescue and rehabilitation of 53 bridges, along a stretch that joins Portage to Elkhart. The majority of the work will be completed one lane at a time, allowing lanes to remain open to traffic in effort to minimize traffic disruptions and travel delays.

The project is expected to last through the end of 2017.