ROADS/BRIDGES: Idaho Transportation Department launches online safety tool

ITD’s Driver Record Dashboard is an industry first, looks to keep dangerous drivers off the road

May 27, 2015

The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) has unveiled a new innovative online tool for businesses to constantly track the driver’s license status of employees.

The Driver Record Dashboard (DRD) allows companies to build and manage an unlimited list of drivers by entering vital information such as the driver’s name, license number or birthdate, in one online location. ITD partnered with Access Idaho to build and maintain the subscription-based service, in which no tax dollars or state funds were used.

“This service is designed to increase public safety and help companies mitigate risk by keeping high-liability, potentially dangerous drivers off the road,” said Access Idaho Marketing Director Rich Steckler. “The Dashboard provides a convenient alternative to the process of looking up driver’s license records manually, and offers 24/7 access to updated medical-certificate information."

Driver records are checked automatically twice a month for new convictions and suspensions. Driver’s license records are available for immediate, secure viewing by authorized personnel within each participating organization. The DRD updates medical-certificate issue and expiration dates nightly, and companies can see when their drivers’ licenses expire.

“Employers of drivers and legislators have long been asking for the services provided by DRD,” said ITD Driver Services Manager Ed Pemble. “This new tool provides immediate access to driver-status changes for all classes of licenses. Now, instead of randomly or periodically checking driver records, DRD offers a powerful driver- information tool to continuously monitor a selected group of drivers. DRD can provide a level of assurance that drivers are properly licensed and have no unreported driving issues that would affect safe operation of company vehicles.”

Pemble is further optimistic the service will significantly reduce monthly phone calls to Driver Services for medical-certificate information, saving money and personnel time.

“Prior to the DRD, there was no simple way for small and medium companies to track or access data,” said Steckler. “Now, any company that hires drivers licensed in Idaho is eligible and encouraged to use the service.”