ROADS/BRIDGES: House passes five-month transportation funding extension

The House passed a five-month transporation funding extension by a 312-119 bipartisan vote. 

Funding News July 16, 2015
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The U.S. House of Representatives passed a five-month transportation funding extension in order to avoid the construction downturn that would result from the original July 31 deadline.
The measure was passed by a 312-119 bipartisan vote. House Republicans passed the measure in less than 48 hours after it was introduced.
The bill would authorize federal spending on infrastructure project through Dec. 18 and pump approximately $8.1 billion into the diminishing Highway Trust Fund. It would be paid for by extending higher airport security fees levied on airline tickets for two more years, to 2026, and with revenue from tax changes aimed at improving compliance and collections.
Both Republicans and Democrats said they would prefer to pass a six-year transportation bill instead of yet another extension, but are unable to agree on how to pay the billions of dollars need to fund it. 

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