ROADS/BRIDGES: Governors to submit list of 300 infrastructure projects to Trump administration

Governors from 44 states across the nation are preparing wish lists for the new administration

February 07, 2017
road work sign

The nation’s governors will submit a list of more than 300 infrastructure projects to President Trump’s administration this week, aiming to share billions he is urging for nationwide construction projects.

The requests by governors from at least 44 states are in addition to a preliminary list of 50 infrastructure projects obtained by McClatchy last month.

Among them are a $65 million proposal to widen Interstate 10 across Louisiana to Texas, a $2 billion plan to reconstruct 200 miles of Interstate 70 in Missouri and a $7 billion light-rail expansion in Washington state.

It is unclear when the administration will announce which projects it will promote, or when.What is clear is that the Trump team wanted help compiling the list. Members of the transition team asked the National Governors Association to provide examples of priority infrastructure projects from the states, according to a Dec. 16 letter from the association to state officials.

The letter said the initial investment in these projects for 2017 would be $150 billion and the Trump team would scrutinize the projects through a bipartisan commission. That panel yet to be named.