ROADS/BRIDGES: Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown calls for increased road funding

Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown highlights need for road funding in State of the State address to California legislature

Funding News January 22, 2016
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Democratic California Gov. Jerry Brown pushed for infrastructure funding in his State of the State address to the California legislature. He said repairing the state’s crumbling infrastructure is critical.


According to Brown, California has “serious deficiencies” which need to be fixed by reinforcing state policies and demonstrating fiscal restraint, not by introducing expensive new programs.


“Yet, doing so without an expanded and permanent revenue source is impossible,” he told lawmakers. “That means at some point, sooner rather than later, we have to bite the bullet and enact new fees and taxes for this purpose.”


Brown called on lawmakers to find a permanent revenue source to maintain roads, bridges and other infrastructure that he said now need $77 billion in repairs. In order to generate necessary funds, Brown proposed a fee on all vehicles that would bring in an estimated $65 million annually as well as a gas tax hike.


Republican votes and support are still needed to pass any tax increase.

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