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Concrete saws
Case Studies
The weight of traffic, especially freight, can take a toll on highways and roadways. This is the case with I-16 in Laurens and Treutlen counties in central Georgia. I-16 is a major transport highway linking ports in Savannah along the Atlantic Ocean to Macon and Atlanta. The highway had been...
Redi-Rock gravity retaining walls
Case Studies
When the city of Lacey, Wash., set out to rebuild a 6,000 ft section of Carpenter Road, the main goal was to convert the two-lane arterial road to a four- to five-lane arterial.   “The challenge was that the road went through a commercial and residential area so we were really tight on right-of-way...
 XL 3100 IV Gradall excavator
Case Studies
Like most cities and counties in the state of Florida, keeping storm-water drainage mechanisms clear and functioning is a top priority for Casselberry, Fla.   From catch basins to culverts and retention ponds, water management is a critical job for this residential community on the outskirts of...
Road Stabilized for Heavy Vehicles
Case Studies
In Clearfield County, Penn., heavy trucks exploring natural gas formations had made Four Mile Road, an unpaved forestry arterial maintained by the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR), unsuitable for traffic. The project owner—an oil and natural gas company—needed an...
Intercounty Paving shoots for smoothness incentives on JFK job
Case Studies
Contractors that handle the big jobs—airports and interstates in particular—have more needs from a paver than they can count. But the exceptional contractors, a list that includes Intercounty Paving Associates in Hicksville, N.Y., always remember the basics.   “The jobs we work have tight deadlines...
Polymer-modified asphalt seals the deal for New York state
Case Studies
New York Rte. 219 in Western New York is a 65 mph limited-access four-lane divided highway. Within the last few years, the composite pavement was milled and resurfaced.  However, recent reflective cracking over the transverse and longitudinal joints has created a maintenance problem for the New...
manhole riser
Case Studies
Chicago is the nation’s third most populated city, after New York and Los Angeles. And though it has a total of about 9,500 lane-miles, it ranks last of all major U.S. cities in terms of freeway miles per capita. This means Chicago’s paving contractors, such as Bigane Paving, are usually working on...
AHP Case of the Week

The risers are easy to install prior to paving—inlet grates are removed, the original utility frames are cleaned and the steel risers are slipped into the frame.

Case Studies
Asphalt overlays are usually routine exercises. They are important, sure, and hard to do well, but the contractors, owners and designers of these projects tend to be very experienced, and the technical challenges are well-understood. Put another way, there are not too many surprises on an overlay...
Concrete maintenance
Case Studies
El Paso lies in far west Texas and, according to the 2010 census, is the sixth most populous city in the state of Texas. El Paso stands on the Rio Grande across the border from Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico. The two cities form a combined international metropolitan area, which includes a...
Case Studies
On Oct. 29, 2012, the storm surge from Hurricane Sandy hit Long Island with a vengeance causing major beach erosion along the island’s south and north shores. One of the regions that received a great amount of damage was the Bayville–Oyster Bay area. West Shore Road, which is the main route between...
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