ROAD/BRIDGE CONSTRUCTION: Wyo., Ohio begin spending new money on projects

Wyoming puts 52 projects in motion; Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission funds non-toll roads for first time in history

News Star Tribune September 10, 2013
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Ten more cents will give you 52.


Earlier in the year, state legislators in Wyoming agreed to increase the state gas tax by a dime, and on Sept. 9 it was announced that the move would finance 52 road and bridge projects over the next three years.


However, road maintenance is the focus, not an increase in lane capacity. The increase in funds also will help address roads outside of the Interstate Highway System. The tax increase is not going to help generate a great amount of new projects, but will activate a number that were on hold.


“Basically, we are just moving each of these projects up a few years now that we have this additional money available,” Dave Kingham, spokesman for the Wyoming DOT told the Star Tribune.


The first stretch of road that will feel the boost is Wyoming Highway 28, which is south of Lander, Wyo. There, crews have already begun crushing rock for new pavement.


Over in Ohio, the Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission approved funding for work outside of toll roads for the first time in history. The board allowed money to be spent on work on I-75 and the I-75/I-475 interchange in central Toledo.


Lawmakers approved a measure that borrows against toll revenue, and required that approved projects must be located within 75 miles of the toll road and must carry some kind of benefit to the turnpike.


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