ROAD/BRIDGE CONSTRUCTION: Wash. State’s $10B funding plan defeated

State Senate would like to see a bill focused more on environmental streamlining, congestion relief

News Associated Press July 01, 2013
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The state of Washington’s $10 billion transportation plan received a fatal blow by the Senate over the weekend, but lawmakers aren’t ready to bury hopes of a funding boost just yet.


Senate Majority Leader Rodney Tom said another plan would be drawn up for consideration next year. A 10.5-cent raise in Washington’s state gas tax would have supported the $10 billion package. Tom said he would like to see the environmental review process and congestion to be addressed in a new bill.


“We’re going to lead on this issue,” Tom remarked.


In the meantime, several major projects that are on the drawing board appear to be in limbo, including the Columbia River Crossing. The state of Washington has generated a portion of the $450 million required to build the span. Oregon will match Washington’s share, with the federal government and toll revenue supplying the rest of the funds. Work on S.R. 167, the North Spokane Corridor and I-90 over the Snoqualmie Pass also are on hold.

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