ROAD/BRIDGE CONSTRUCTION: MDOT clears up common transportation myths

"Reality Check" videos and information sheets show facts about transportation

News MDOT March 10, 2014
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The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) is starting a series of "Reality Check" videos and information sheets that will examine common transportation misconceptions, and offer explanations for why the reality is very different.


"There are many myths and rumors about transportation in Michigan, often repeated, that either aren't quite true or are flat-out wrong," said Transportation Director Kirk Steudle. "Getting these cleared up is an important step to having a logical and open discussion about the real problems facing Michigan's transportation infrastructure."


The first two videos and fact sheets cover two common claims, and offer data and information on why they aren't correct:


Reality Check #1: Funding Can Wait

Myth: Michigan's roads and bridges aren't that bad, and there are plenty of other priorities.

Reality: Michigan's transportation system is hurting, and waiting just makes things worse.


MDOT Reality Check #2: More Salt, Please!

Myth: MDOT has gotten dangerously stingy with salt, and they need to use more!

Reality: MDOT has made changes to be more efficient with salt, but not at the expense of safety for motorists.


Throughout the year, MDOT will take on more transportation myths. Future topics will include issues like: why signs are replaced when they are, the safety of roundabouts, truck weights, road-building standards and gas prices' effect on fuel tax revenues. The first two myths, and the facts that deflate them, are available at

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