ROAD PAVING: Special skid-resistant paving applied to curved Washington roads

Five roads in the state were selected to get the high-friction material on the road surface to help prevent sliding

September 13, 2017

Curvy roadways in south Pierce County, Wash., were resurfaced with a special, “high-friction” material to help prevent motorists from sliding on wet pavement.

Five roads were selected for the project based on curve alignments, speed of traffic and rate of fatal or serious-injury crashes, including: Spanaway Loop Road South—curve near 166th Street South; 9th Street East—curve east of 190th Avenue East; 12th Street East and 210th Avenue East curve; 110th Avenue East and 122nd Street East curve; and

Orting Kapowsin Highway East—“S” curve near 152nd Avenue East.

The special paving material combines highly durable aggregate materials and high-strength epoxy resin to increase the skid-resistance of the road surface.

The Pierce County Planning and Public Works Department received a $1.1 million federal grant to help pay for the resurfacing project, which was awarded to Specialized Pavement Marking Inc. Work at the five locations began August 18, 2017, and was expected to take a combined total of 15 days.


Source: Equipment World's Better Roads