Rising to the occasion

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The Hydraulic Cab Riser from Paul Wever Construction Equipment Co. Inc., Goodfield, Ill., can lift the operator 6 to 8 ft above regular position. No matter what the working situation is, this feature helps the operator to complete his job more efficiently and safely. When loading trucks, this feature allows the operator to safely see inside the truck bed. This enables him to even out the load and fill all available space. In demolition, the Hydraulic Cab Riser allows the end user to get a better view of the work site by allowing him to adjust the cab-tilt angle up to 45° front to back. With this cab-forward design, the operator’s visibility in front of the tracks also is improved. The Cab Riser can be adapted to all machines, can be used with a variety of attachments and is custom built for the customer’s specific needs.

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