Article August 14, 2003
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Eyewash station

No plumbing is necessary to install the Pure Flow 1000 Emergency
Eyewash Station, which can be placed less than 10 seconds away from severe
caustic and chemical hazards and be in compliance with regulations. The Pure
Flow 1000 from Fendall, Smithfield, R.I., delivers the company's Eyesaline
solution, designed to match human tears, in a soft ribbon at a tepid
temperature and a constant flow rate. The self-contained fluid cartridge has a
24-month life, is easy to replace and remains sealed until activated. Waste
fluid is captured for easy disposal.

Maximum eyewear

Soft, molded cushioning on brow guards and temples gives the
Maxim safety eyewear series from AOSafety, Indianapolis, a division of Aearo
Co., maximum comfort, impact protection and worker compliance.

Maxim eyewear features a newly designed and patented
dual-aspheric lens that provides superior clarity of vision, full orbital eye
socket coverage for unsurpassed protection and sleek styling. It is available
in two frame colors and two temple styles—a standard adjustable-length
temple and a sport-grip temple—with replaceable lens shades. Maxim
eyewear also is available in a sport model.

Cone setting system

The Road Automation Machinery CSR 3000 Cone Handling System
manufactured by Safe Zone Solutions for Industrial Automation Supply, Fargo,
N.D., is designed to reduce the risk of injury to employees and travelers by
automating the process of setting and retrieving cones on the roadway. The
truck-mounted unit makes this hazardous activity safer by keeping the employee
setting cones within the confines of the truck bed. With an optional timing
system, this unit can set cones at predetermined spaces, taking the guesswork
out of the process.

High-visibility PPE

High-visibility personal protective equipment (PPE) garments
from Sellstrom Manufacturing Co., Palatine, Ill., can be used over
fall-protection harnesses. The garments increase the visibility of employees
working in or near moving vehicles, heavy equipment or other endangering
elements, while allowing full access to standard fall-protection equipment. The
PPE garments are easily attached to a fall-protection harness by simply
snapping the harness inside the PPE garment. The garment features heavy-duty
polyester construction, an opening for back D-ring and interior quick snaps for
fastening garment to harness. It is available in five sizes with adjustable
sides for custom fit. Meets ANSI/ISEA 107-1999 Class 2 standards.

EZ respirator

A unique slide-release strap allows the respirator wearer to
quickly remove the EZ Drop half-mask cartridge respirator by unhooking the neck
buckle and allowing the respirator to slide down the straps to "park"
on the wearers chest. The EZ Drop respirator from AOSafety, Indianapolis, a
division of Aearo Co., is a low-cost, low-maintenance respirator available in
three sizes. It is molded in TPR, a man-made rubber that is very comfortable
and provides a good, snug fit. It fits lower on the nose to accommodate
eyewear, and the smooth curved neck buckle is comfortable on the back of the

Dual-material earplugs

Fusion reusable earplugs fuse an earplug's rigid core and
soft flange materials into one solid piece. Howard Leight, Smithfield, R.I.,
introduced Fusion to provide all-day comfort, easy insertion, maximum performance
and increased safety in a reusable earplug. Using its unique injection-molding,
dual-material manufacturing process, Fusion's patented quadruple SoftFlange
exterior is thermally fused to its rigid FlexiFirm core to ensure all-day
comfort, easy insertion and superior attenuation, with a noise reduction rating
of 27. The earplugs are packaged with a detachable cord in a flip-top box for
easy, accessible storage.

Methacrylate webbing

A new Web portal from Degussa Corp., Parsippany, N.J., is
dedicated to the exchange of information about and heightened awareness of the
role played by methacrylate road markings in the safety and convenience of the
motoring public. The ultimate goal of the site ( is the
expanded use of safety markings and the dissemination of information to road
authorities, government, private organizations and educational institutions
concerned with traffic safety. Visitors to the free portal are provided with
access to a number of databases, including government regulation and standards,
as well as technical publications and specifications.

Nimble dozer

The new D65 crawler dozer is
faster and more agile than the competition thanks to its hydrostatic steering
system (HSS), according to Komatsu America Corp., Vernon Hills, Ill. The D65
operates with 190 hp at 1,950 rpm and ranges in operating weight from 42,540 to
45,080 lb, depending on the model. Blade capacities range from 4.8 to 7.34 cu
yd. The HSS is powered by an independent hydraulic pump with engine power
transmitted to both tracks, so the outside track is allowed to move faster than
the inside track for smooth, continuous turns. Automatic shift and automatic
down-shift features monitor engine speed, travel gear and travel speed, down-shifting
when travel speed is reduced to maintain optimum speed for efficient
operations. The Palm Command Control System, new to the D65, is ergonomically
designed to provide efficient operation and enhance operator comfort. The blade
control stick utilizes a proportional pressure control valve.

X-braced plow

XBlade snowplows from Fisher
Engineering, Rockland, Maine, are available in 8-ft and 9-ft lengths and
combine an exclusive X-bracing design with premium, corrosion-resistant
stainless steel for commercial or municipal applications. Key features include
a 12-gauge, polished 304 stainless steel moldboard and powder-coated steel
structure; Xtreme blade curl and 10-in. moldboard "overhang" to
promote optimum snow rolling and "foiling" action; and Xtreme 75°
attack angle for better ice breaking and scraping.

Quick turnaround

With a wheelbase 15.75 in.
shorter than its predecessor and an optional turnaround system, the A25D 4x4
articulated hauler can turn through 180° in just 31.17 ft of space, with
the entire operation taking just 25 seconds to execute. The A25D 4x4 from Volvo
Construction Equipment North America Inc., Asheville, N.C., has a payload
capacity of 26.5 tons and a top speed of 32.9 mph. Its heaped load capacity is
17 cu yd, resulting in a ground pressure of 23 psi on the front and 28.1 psi at
the rear. The hauler is equipped with a load-sensing hydraulic system that only
consumes power when needed. It is powered by a 306-hp, six-cylinder diesel

Top-tier excavators

Highly efficient, turbo-charged
and aftercooled engines in the Solar V excavator series meet Tier II emissions
standards by using high-pressure injection designs while offering high
displacement and higher horsepower for excellent power versus fuel economy
ratios. In addition, a preheat duty cycle decreases startup smoke. Eleven
models of crawler and wheel excavators in the Solar V line from Daewoo Heavy
Industries America Corp., Suwanee, Ga., increase the operator's view of the
jobsite by a slight increase in cab size and the addition of glass area to the
front and side windows and sunroof. The instrument panel features dual LCD
displays and enhanced multimedia graphics that present up to nine operation conditions
and 21 fault codes.

Breaking up is easy

As part of Tramac Corp.'s heavy
breaker range, the V46 and V56 are effective for secondary breaking, general
rock excavation and concrete demolition. Both models are available from the
Parsippany, N.J., company with Metro Silencing sound suppression, Tramac's Auto
Lube System, which feeds grease automatically to the tools and bushings, the
BRV automatic blow control system and a patented built-in pressure regulator.

Highly visi-pole

Using reflective sheeting to
provide maximum reflectivity, D-Lineators from Lordon Inc., Hackettstown, N.J.,
improve the visibility of utility poles during the day or evening or in
inclement weather. Their highly reflective surfaces are visible up to 1,000 ft
away. They have been approved for use by a number of state DOTs. They are
available in eight colors, three levels of reflectivity and a variety of sizes.


Post-tensioning CD

A new CD from VSL, Hanover, Md.,
contains the features of various post-tensioning and special construction
systems as well as the technical data and dimensions of the company's
multistrand, bonded slab and mono-strand post-tensioning systems.

About the author: 
Allen Zeyher is associate editor of Roads & Bridges.
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