Preserving Liberty

Case Studies
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Libertyville Township, a small community in Illinois, has experienced considerable growth in recent years.

Even with rapid growth, the local government strives to provide a safe and well-maintained city for all its businesses and residents.

Bradley Road, a heavily traveled industrial roadway located in Libertyville, was deteriorated and in serious need of restoration. Extreme weather conditions were the leading cause of deterioration. Libertyville Township Highway Department considered patching the road, but because of the high percentage of patching required (over 40%) it would have been less costly to reconstruct the entire road.

Like many other small municipalities in the U.S., Libertyville is facing a downward spiral of decreasing budgets and increasing maintenance costs. Totally reconstructing the road was not an option.

Libertyville chose to restore Bradley Road using TenCate Mirafi MPV 700 paving fabric with a modified-asphalt tack coat. This heavy-duty paving fabric and thick polymer-modified asphalt allowed for greater flexibility in the pavement surface under stresses like heavy machinery and extreme temperature conditions.

After the paving fabric was installed, the Mirafi MPV 700 performed well. Although there were considerable freeze cycles, Bradley Road maintained its integrity and showed no distress. The paving fabric provided a high-quality and cost-effective solution to an otherwise expensive problem.

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