Power Curbers

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402 Bringle Ferry Road
PO Box 1639
Salisbury, North Carolina

Power Curbers, Inc., will celebrate its 50th year in business in 2003. The international company manufactures slipform paving equipment for concrete curb-and-gutter, highway barrier and parapet, flat paving up to 16 feet wide and other special applications. The Power Curber 5700-B is the market leader in curb-and-gutter equipment. With its own dealer network in place across the United States, the company places strong emphasis on service.


  • Power Curbers has added more capability to its 5700-C slipform paver. The 5700-C with Max Package is outfitted with larger crawlers, all-crawler steering and repositionable right post for pouring...
  • A post-hole digger for the Power Curber 5700 Series (5700-B, 5700-Super-B or 5700-C) digs pier holes up to 34 in. deep for slipforming wire-rope fence foundations. The attachment mounts on the left...
  • Power Curbers Inc.’s 5700-C will be on display at World of Concrete with a variety of molds which will allow visitors to see how curb and gutter, sidewalk and barrier wall are all poured with the...
  • Power Curbers Inc., Salisbury, N.C., recently introduced the Power Curber 5700-Super-B, featuring 50% more hp than previous models. The 133-hp engine increases the machine’s trimming and pouring...
  • Power Curbers Inc. will introduce a hydraulic mold lift that will make slip-formed highway barrier or parapet construction easier for concrete contractors. The 5700-Super-B will allow machine...
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