Portable barrier

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Trident Security Devices Inc.’s Roadguard/2 is the first portable Jersey-style barrier to be manufactured by the blow-molding process, using high-density polyethylene plastic, instead of by rotational molding, using low-density polyethylene. High-density polyethylene has higher tensile strength and greater resilient strength than low-density polyethylene. The Roadguard/2 is a double-chambered barrier that is 6 ft long, 3.5 ft high, 2 ft wide at the bottom and 10 in. wide at the top. The double chamber provides two vertical walls in the center of the barrier, delivering added strength, stability and good looks. When filled with water, the Roadguard/2 barrier weighs 1,600 lb. The Roadguard/2 has all of the key features of the original Roadguard barrier and can be deployed in combination with the previous version. It has the patented self-locking ramp, pin-and-hole system and the ability to turn 15° in either direction at the connection.

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