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Figure 1

Article January 07, 2019
In the late 1980s, the author introduced the concept of repair and strengthening of structures using fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) products. The original concept uses a technique referred to as wet layup. Fabrics of carbon or glass typically 12 to 48 in. wide are saturated with an epoxy resin in...
Bent 1 cap demo

The pier replacement was a success on Bent 1 of Ramp C on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Article November 01, 2017
The sustained focus on rebuilding our transportation infrastructure is accompanied by an objective that rivals controlling project costs: Keep the traffic in motion.   At Ramp C to the Brooklyn Bridge, an innovative temporary support system was engineered to enable replacement of failing concrete...
A rendering of the New NY Bridge
Case Studies July 13, 2016
New York’s Tappan Zee Bridge is a vital component of the state’s infrastructure system. On average, it bears the load of 138,000 vehicles each day, helping commuters cross the Hudson River at one of its widest points; but the bridge, which opened to traffic in 1955, was originally designed to last...
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