Patching things up

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Pothole patching is easy with the heated Asphalt Optimizer from Cimline Pavement Maintenance Group, available in 4-ton capacity. Hot-mix asphalt can be loaded through easy-opening top doors that provide excellent leverage with long handles that retract for transport. A convenient material door is operated by a large-diameter wheel with locking ratchet. Operators can easily adjust the amount of gravity-fed mix that reaches the unloading tray. Easy shovel access and shovel storage reduce fatigue and improve efficiency.
A diesel-fired, self-priming 105,000-btu burner with electronic ignition heats the hopper chamber without applying direct flame to eliminate hot spots. Heat also is dispersed throughout the load with a central 4-in. tube located near the top of the hopper. A 26-gal fuel tank provides up to 72 hours of heating. Insulation surrounds the hopper and doors to maintain temperature for long-lasting heat retention. A digital controller with temperature readout monitors the temperature in one-degree increments. In the event of a burner malfunction the controller can shut down the heating process and flash an error code to notify operating personnel. A fuel-pressure gauge and proof of flame protection are added safety and maintenance features for maximum uptime.

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