Palisade fence system protects cell tower sites along Illinois Tollway

October 24, 2018
Illinois Tollway Ameristar Stalwart Impasse II fencing system

The Illinois Tollway Highway Authority had 60 critical cell tower sites along its roads that needed to be protected from unwanted intruders and from vehicle impacts.

Gonzalez Companies in Downers Grove, Ill. and Singh & Associates in Chicago researched the best product on the market suited for these requirements, and specified the Stalwart Impasse II Gauntlet high-security anti-ram fence system manufactured by Tulsa, Okla.-based Ameristar Perimeter Security USA. The 10-ft-tall Impasse II Gauntlet steel palisade fence system offered superior delay/deny/deter protection against unwanted personnel intrusions, superior aesthetics and superior finish to other products on the market, thereby ensuring the investment made at these sites would yield long-term benefits.

To protect the cell towers from vehicle impacts, the Impasse II fence was integrated with Ameristar’s Stalwart anti-ram cable barrier system. The Stalwart system has been tested and certified to the ASTM F2656-07 standards to stop 15,000-lb vehicles traveling between 30 mph to 50 mph from penetrating the barrier line. Vehicle vector analysis determined the level of protection needed at each individual site given the specific layouts of the various sites.

The small business set-aside solicitation was awarded to Foundation Mechanics, who subcontracted the installation of the Stalwart Impasse II fence to Built Best Fence in Addison, Ill. With assistance from the local Ameristar representative, the project was completed on time and on budget.

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