Open house marks largest concrete reconstruction project in Illinois history

News American Concrete Pavement Association May 12, 2006
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The largest concrete highway and bridge rehabilitation project in Illinois history will be commemorated with an open house event in Peoria, Ill., on Monday, May 15.

The project spanned 11 miles along I-74 in downtown Peoria and used more than a half million cubic yards of concrete, 69,789 tons of which were recycled. Of the 11 miles, eight involved complete removal and replacement with new concrete pavement. The remaining three miles were upgraded and patched with bituminous pavement.

The open house event, "Concrete for I-74 in Peoria: The Next 50 Years of the Interstate," on May 15 and 16, will mark the successful reconstruction of one of the Midwest's most important sections of the U.S. Interstate highway system.

The project is well timed, as its completion coincides with the 50th anniversary of the U.S. Interstate Highway system. Other highlights of the project include:

• Reconstruction of nine interchanges with state highways and city streets;

• Construction of two new tunnels in the downtown Peoria area;

• Aesthetic treatments involving concrete are the arched piers at the University Street and Broadway Street overpasses;

• Removal, replacement or reconstruction of approximately 40 bridge structures;

• Reconstruction of approximately 40 interchange ramps; and

• Addition of aesthetic treatments, such as bollard and textured concrete, to retaining walls and bridges.

The pavement structure included a layer of geotechnical fabric; 9 in. of porous granular embankment, which is primarily crushed recycled concrete; 3 in. of bituminous millings; 6 in. of bituminous binder; and 11-1/2 in. of 30-year design life concrete pavement.

Completing the job included the use of a variety of materials, indexed to the various stages of the project:

Stage I materials

• 64,455 cubic yd of concrete;

• 59,579 tons of white rock;

• 46,006 tons of gravel;

• 40,695 tons of sand; and

• 18,240 tons of cement.

Stage II materials

• 456,957 cubic yd of concrete;

• 119,200 tons of bituminous asphalt;

• 296,430 tons of aggregates;

• 9,789 tons of recycled concrete; and

• 59,995 tons of asphalt millings.

Stage III materials (estimate)

• Reinforcement bars - 3,000 tons;

• Bituminous asphalt - 99,000 tons;

• Recycled subbase - 170,000 tons; and

• Concrete - 70,000 cubic yd.

Murray Baker Bridge reconstruction

• 1 million sq ft of the bridge sandblasted and repainted;

• 751,777 lb of new reinforced steel;

• 7,500 gal of paint cover the bridge;

• 4,273 cubic yd of concrete (enough to fill 13 miles of sidewalk); and

• 90.15 miles of new rebar (if laid end to end).

The event will begin with keynote remarks by officials from the Illinois Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration and industry. The first day will feature a project overview and details of the reconstruction project, predominantly centered on the highway reconstruction and materials. The second day will focus on reconstruction of the Murrary Baker Bridge, communications and outreach experiences and other project specifics. The 1-1/2 day event will culminate with a bus tour of the project.

The event is co-sponsored by the Illinois Department of Transportation, Illinois Chapter Inc. - American Concrete Pavement Association, Illinois Ready Mixed Concrete Association, American Concrete Pavement Association and Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute.

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