Old is young again

Case Studies
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As part of a large-scale downtown revitalization project, developers approached the city of Providence to demolish several 19th century mill buildings and build a shopping center. Officials, however, met opposition from community members who voiced their disapproval of the proposal to replace the city’s historic mills with a strip mall. After much protest and negotiation with the developers, the project was revised. The new plan was to restore four of the red-brick buildings and incorporate more of a mill “look” in the new developments.

Two Steadfast bridges , part of the Contech Bridge Solutions offering, were selected as entrances to a new supermarket. Eagle Square, the 13-acre development, includes wrought-iron arches, public sitting areas with mosaic tiles and gooseneck streetlamps. The two steel truss bridges keep with this unique style and offer both an aesthetic and economical solution to the development. O. Ahlborg & Sons Inc., the local contractor, installed the two vehicular bridges , 31 ft x 52 ft and 26 ft x 58.5 ft, which are capstone-style truss bridges painted green with an asphalt deck. A standard guardrail was mounted to the floor of each bridge to separate pedestrians from street traffic. Each structure sits on cast-in-place concrete abutments and wingwalls.

The matching structures provide aesthetic centerpieces that helped satisfy concerned community members, project developers and city officials.

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