Oklahoma DOT eight-year plan includes I-44 widening in West Tulsa

The widening project was awarded a $45 million federal infrastructure grant

September 12, 2018
Oklahoma DOT traffic plan

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation’s latest eight-year construction plan includes a major Tulsa project.

An $80 million project on I-44 west of the Arkansas River should go out for bid sometime in federal fiscal year 2021. The project was awarded a $45 million federal infrastructure grant.

The state transportation commission on Monday gave the green light to a nearly $6.5 billion slate of projects. With the agency nearing its goal in fixing structurally deficient bridges, the work plan has a two-pronged approach for 2019 through 2026.

Fewer than half the 1,386 projects in the plan are bridge replacements or major rehabilitations. The rest cover more than 720 miles of added shoulders or other improvements to two-lane highways, 152 miles of interstate pavement improvements and projects to address urban highway congestion.


Source: Public Radio Tulsa

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