Obama administration expected to encourage more tolling, streamlining in proposed highway bill

Draft will allow states to charge if it will help fight congestion

News Tollroads, Streetsblog Capitol Hill May 02, 2011
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The Obama administration is getting ready to release its proposed long-term transportation bill, and it could contain more liberties at the state level when it comes to tolling.

According to Tollroads News, the 224-page draft would allow states to toll interstates, and non-interstate facilities, in an effort to reduce congestion. Revenues generated must be used for the improvement, operation and maintenance of the charged route, and excess revenue could be used other projects related to the facility. The tolled section also could be subject to annual reviews to make sure finances and traffic are being managed effectively.

States also would be able to toll in the effort of constructing new lanes, and all toll revenues must be collected electronically.

The proposed bill also would allow states to conduct their own environmental impact statements as a way to streamline road and bridge projects.

The Obama administration is expected to release the new guidelines to Congress in the next couple of weeks.

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