No. 10 - High Bridge over the Harlem River

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The High Bridge, decommissioned since 1970, is the oldest bridge in the city of New York, opened originally in 1848 as a means of delivering water to Manhattan. Today, the bridge features a 466-ft-long, three-hinged steel arch spanning the Harlem River and 10 extant granite arches spanning Harlem River Drive, I-87, Metro North Railroad and a smattering of other city streets. The shared-use bridge is being constructed with preservation and rehabilitation methods in accordance with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Preservation of Historic Properties. The bridge also will be ADA compliant.



LOCATION: Bronx, New York City, N.Y.

COST: $52 million

LENGTH: 1,450 ft

DESIGNER: TranSystems

CONTRACTOR: Schiavone Construction Co. LLC

OWNER: City of New York Parks and Recreation

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