NJDOT completes first Hyperbuild project

News NJDOT November 02, 2005
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Commissioner Jack Lettiere recently announced the successful completion of the New Jersey Department of Transportation’s (NJDOT) first Hyperbuild project. NJDOT in three weekends installed three bridge decks on the Route 1 Freeway at Olden Avenue and at Mulberry Street in Trenton. The application of Hyperbuild concepts collapsed the schedule by 22 months and saved $2.25 million dollars.

“Hyperbuild enables NJDOT to rehabilitate and replace bridges and roads more quickly, reduce congestion and improve safety,” said Lettiere. “Under this initiative, NJDOT minimized the inconvenience experienced by motorists and saved taxpayer dollars.”

NJDOT contractor Neshaminy Construction installed the new decks during three weekends using the Hyperbuild concept. NJDOT performed site preparation work before installing the prefabricated bridge decks. The new bridge decks were made offsite at Fort Miller in Schuylerville, N.Y. Once the new spans were inspected and approved, they were delivered to a storage location at the Mercer County Airport.

NJDOT employed a detour rout to mitigate traffic during the weekend Route 1 closures. State Police Construction Unit and Mercer County Sheriff officers were posted strategically along the detour route to maintain traffic flow and safety.

NJDOT typically would complete a project of this magnitude in approximately two years using traditional, onsite desk replacement and bridge rehabilitation methods.

“The speed and competency with which this Hyperbuild Project was completed is groundbreaking,” said Mercer County Executive Brian Hughes. “I applaud the State Department of Transportation for saving taxpayers considerable time and money. This road improvement project caused no difficulties for people driving through the Capital County. Furthermore, I am glad that our Department of Transportation and Infrastructure cooperated with State DOT to store Hyperbuild parts at the Trenton-Mercer Airport Parking lot.”

Prior to their replacement, the three bridge decks at these sites were in poor condition and required constant maintenance. The bridges serve a fundamentally important function along the freeway. This section of the freeway recently resurfaced, which further accentuated the poor condition of the three decks.

“The New Jersey Department of Transportation and Commissioner Jack Lettiere should be congratulated for the work they have done on the very first Hyperbuild initiative,” said Assemblyman Reed Gusciora. “Their work in this abbreviated public works project has saved taxpayers of New Jersey [a] tremendous amount of money [that] will lesson the congestion on our roads.”

More than 50,000 vehicles use this section of the Route 1 Freeway daily. The Route 1 corridor is a vital link to nearby Pennsylvania and the Route 1 business district and points northern in New Jersey.

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