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News SGC, Inc. January 01, 2003
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Don't wait til the last minute

Don't wait until the last minute...

Hurry, while you still have time!!!


The clock is ticking away...


March 2003 Advertising Close: Friday, February 7th


You still have time to get in on our March 2003 issue, which

Friday, Feb. 7th. ROADS & BRIDGES reaches the
top engineers, contractors

and government officials in the road and bridge industry.


MAIN FOCUS: Funding TEA-21 has dumped more money into highway and bridge

work than any other piece of legislation in U.S. history. So why
are state DOTs struggling? What is in store for 2003 and beyond? This issue
will attempt to analyze the cash flow.



News on advances in the paving process, from start to finish.

pavers, concrete pavers and static/vibratory rollers will be


ROAD/BRIDGE CONSTRUCTION: Environmental Streamlining

For years the environmental review process has slowed road and

projects. FHWA Administrator Mary Peters wants to throw speed into
the mix.


SPECIAL REPORT: Equipment/Rental Survey

ROADS & BRIDGES questions buyers about their spending



• Preventive Maintenance

• Traffic Expo Product Wrap

• Bridge Maintenance


BONUS DISTRIBUTION: World of Asphalt; Nashville, TN


Contact Jerry Burns today before time runs out!

(847) 391-1048 or via email: [email protected]

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