Milliken RenewWrap fiber-reinforced polymer
Reinforcement Concrete Products March 26, 2019
RenewWrap fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) strengthening system is an important strengthening technique in every engineer’s toolbox for concrete and masonry structures due to its high strength, stiffness and corrosion-resistant properties. This system is externally bonded to or wrapped around...
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Figure 1

Culvert RepairRehabilitation Article January 07, 2019
In the late 1980s, the author introduced the concept of repair and strengthening of structures using fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) products. The original concept uses a technique referred to as wet layup. Fabrics of carbon or glass typically 12 to 48 in. wide are saturated with an epoxy resin in...
The agency is renovating worn bridges with a high-pressure water jet system
Bridge Construction News August 01, 2016
The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) is using a recyclable resource to renovate worn bridges along one of the busier highways in Salt Lake County.   On Friday, the agency demonstrated an inventive system of high-pressure water jets to refurbish bridge decks on the $105 million I-215 project...
Massive Indiana East-West toll road project
Asphalt News April 11, 2016
Indiana’s East-West Toll Road is set to receive a $200 million makeover and work begins today. According to the Indiana Department of Transportation, it is to be the largest project undertaken by the toll road since its original construction in 1954.   The project’s scale includes the...
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