New light rail line begins testing in Los Angeles

Metro using its website, public presentations to keep pedestrians mindful of safety

Transportation Management News L.A. Metro March 26, 2012
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Portions of a new light rail line running between downtown Los Angeles and Culver City will commence operations on April 28, according to Los Angeles Mayor and Metro Board Chair Antonio Villaraigosa. Metro began running test trains over the weekend and sharing rail safety tips with pedestrians.


As of Sunday, test trains are circulating every 12 minutes, seven days a week from 4:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.; they are running on the new line between downtown and he Expo/La Cienega Station, the segment that will begin regular service in April.


Metro has already had test trains operating for the past month, and is now looking to see how the Expo Line service will integrate Metro Blue Line service in the downtown are.


In advance of the new rail service, Metro is working to make pedestrians aware of rail safety through its website and safety presentations to schools and other groups. Former Metro bus and rail operators are also going out into the community as rail safety ambassadors, speaking with the public at various intersections along the new line.


Phase I of the project—at $932 billion—will build the initial 8.6-mile line from Los Angeles to Culver City, with 12 stations along the way. Phase II will extend the line another 6.6 miles west to Santa Monica; that portion, with seven stations, is projected to cost $1.5 billion.  

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