New crawlers

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Dressta North America, Buffalo Grove, Ill., has introduced four new crawler dozer models—TD-7M, TD-8M, TD-9M and TD-10M—featuring improved levels of power, serviceability, reliability, comfort and operator control.

Typically, a dozer of this size is used by several different people on a jobsite. Dressta’s M-series dozers
(Circle 901) are designed to be controlled easily, no matter the skill level of the operator. The machines feature a left-hand joystick control, a right foot pedal for engine deceleration and a left pedal for braking. Little effort or training is needed to easily control the machine.

Dressta designed its M-series dozers with a power train that combines a torque converter with clutch-brake steering. This power train provides good shock absorption, minimizes engine lugging and allows operators excellent control over machine power.

The M-series dozers also are designed so that, even with blades attached, the overall machine size remains within the 8 ft 6 in. width limit for legal transportation. This is true even of the larger machines, the TD-10M and all of the low-ground-pressure versions.

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