In national wildlife refuge, tree-limb shear is a critical tool

Case Studies
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Maintaining trees and other vegetation that can quickly obstruct highways is a critical maintenance challenge for the Brazoria County Road & Bridge Department. Having one tree-limb shear attachment that can be used by all of the department's Series III Gradall excavators is an extra advantage.

The Brazoria County Road & Bridge Department, which has been using Gradall excavators with tree-limb shear attachments for many years, is especially pleased with the purchase of its shear attachment. Designed for even greater productivity, the tree-limb shear fits any one of Gradall's Series III machines.

Working at a wildlife preserve near Angleton, Texas, a model XL 3100 III excavator efficiently cut back limbs and even entire trees that had begun to obstruct traffic. Using the 220-degree boom tilt, the operator can efficiently line up the attachment with tree limbs and trunks for a better, cleaner cut.

Applying about 4800 psi of pressure, powered by the excavator's tool cylinder, the new shear can cut through limbs up to 10 in. in diameter, depending on the kind of wood. The same operator, machine and attachment then can stack the limbs and load them to a truck. The alternative, Brazoria County officials said, is trying to position a worker with a chain saw using an aerial work platform, and then bringing a crew to load the truck—a process that's far more labor intensive.

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