National Precast Concrete Association

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1320 City Center Dr.
Suite 200
Carmel, Indiana
United States
P: (800) 366-7731
(317) 571-0041

Whether you’re building infrastructure or constructing highway systems, no other building material can match the strength, beauty and versatility of precast concrete.

New York’s Tappan Zee Bridge is a vital component of the state’s infrastructure system. On average, it bears the load of 138,000 vehicles each day, helping commuters cross the Hudson River at one of its widest points; but the bridge, which opened to traffic in 1955,...
In 2013, the American Society of Civil Engineers conducted its latest comprehensive assessment of U.S. infrastructure systems. The results painted a grim picture, with the country earning a D+ grade. Along with the...
When’s the last time you saw a pothole, or, worse, hit one with your car? Chances are it hasn’t been long. Pavements around North America are showing alarming rates of deterioration at the same time traffic is at an all-time high.   For years, Georgia DOT (GDOT) has researched and implemented...
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