NAPA, FHWA team to host HMA Symposium

News NAPA, FHWA September 04, 2007
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The National Asphalt Pavement Association and the Federal Highway
Administration are sponsoring a national HMA Energy & Recycling Symposium on
Oct. 22-23 in Austin, Texas.

The two-day conference will focus on materials and energy issues affecting
the production and price of hot-mix asphalt (HMA). It will offer a variety
of engaging sessions on topics that may affect the future of HMA pavements.
Topic will include:

  • Energy savings and asphalt recycling for tomorrow;
  • Asphalt supply: What can we expect down the line?
  • Aggregate issues: Ensuring a steady supply of the materials needed for
    today’s high-performance mixes;
  • DOT and FHWA perspectives on recycling;
  • Plant processing strategies to help boost the use of RAP;
  • Saving energy through plant efficiency;
  • Reducing transportation costs;
  • Reducing the cost of drying aggregates;
  • Mix design for HMA recycling;
  • Selecting the most cost-effective mix for the project;
  • Polymers in recycling;
  • Warm-mix asphalt and recycling;
  • Rubblization and perpetual pavements; and
  • The new design guide for high RAP content HMA mixes.

For more information on the symposium, go to or call 888-468-6499.

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