Modjeski and Masters

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100 Sterling Parkway
Suite 302
Mechanicsburg, PA


  • Movable bridges present design and engineering challenges far different from those of fixed bridges. Modjeski and Masters has made movable bridges their specialty. We start each project with a...
  • Modjeski and Masters is one of the world’s leading bridge engineering firms, with a reputation for technical excellence and innovation that goes beyond current standards. Established nearly 120 years...

Get behind the scenes insight on how Modjeski and Masters kept rail, marine and highway traffic moving in a busy Virginia shipping corridor by designing a 5 million pound lift span that was built offsite and floated it into position on a giant...

Watch as “Roll-Out/Roll-In” accelerated construction is used to replace two bridges simultaneously with minimal disruption to Amtrak’s high-speed rail – with an added benefit to the community.

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