Mississippi Transportation Commission designates lottery proceeds for pavement restoration

The first $30 million in lottery proceeds will be designated for use on pavement rehabilitation projects

January 20, 2020
pavement rehabilitation

The Mississippi Transportation Commission recently designated the first $30 million of lottery proceeds for pavement restoration projects.

The commission, which oversees the Mississippi DOT (MDOT), adopted the policy to guide the department in anticipation of revenue from the Alyce G. Clarke Mississippi Lottery Law.

“The first $30 million in lottery proceeds will be designated for MDOT to use on pavement rehabilitation projects,” Mississippi Transportation Commission Chairman Tom King said in a statement. “This money will allow MDOT to continue improving the quality of our state’s infrastructure, ensuring our highways stay safe for the traveling public.”

The lottery law was enacted in the August 2018 special session. It created the Mississippi Lottery Corp. (MLC) to oversee the sale of lottery tickets. The law also designated the first $80 million of lottery proceeds for state roads and bridges.

“We are committed to utilizing our new resources for paving and resurfacing purposes that will immediately enhance Mississippi’s highway network,” Commissioner Willie Simmons, Central Transportation District, said in a statement. “This is the kind of collaboration needed to build and maintain an effective transportation system that fosters economic growth throughout our state.” 

The MLC will deposit net proceeds from lottery sales after operating costs and expenses are deducted from gross sales. The first deposit to the Lottery Proceeds Fund is expected on January 20. The commission will determine how to designate the next $50 million as lottery proceeds continue to be deposited.

“This important commission guidance puts the wheels in motion to get more paving done faster,” Commissioner John Caldwell, Northern Transportation District, said in a statement. “This $30 million will be specifically spent to resurface some of our most needy two-lane highways that may not qualify for federal funds.”


SOURCE: Mississippi DOT

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