Map database developer teams with U.S. DOT

News July 08, 2003
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Geographic Data Technology Inc

Geographic Data Technology Inc., a developer of map databases, announced that it is partnering with the U.S. Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT) to enhance location information within the National Bridge Inventory. The partnership is an extension of GDT's existing contract to provide U.S. DOT agencies with a common street and address network.

The U.S. DOT's Bureau of Transportation Statistics, the lead agency for geospatial information in the U.S. DOT, selected GDT as its standard street and address information supplier based on an extensive evaluation of street network products conducted by the University of Tennessee under contract with the BTS.

GDT and the BTS will work together to enhance the National Bridge Inventory, which includes information on the physical dimensions and condition of every bridge in the U.S. Individual states collect bridge information and submit it annually to the Federal Highway Administration, which uses it for reporting and infrastructure investment planning. GDT will match nearly 500,000 records in the bridge inventory to points within GDT's street and address database, improving the absolute positional accuracy of the information submitted by the states and creating a more consistent and useful database from coast to coast.

GDT's nationwide street and address database already provides the foundation for accident reporting systems within the U.S. DOT's National Highway Transportation Safety Association. The Fatal Accident Reporting System collects information on fatality accidents from all 50 states in an effort to improve highway safety across the U.S. The Commercial Vehicle Accident Reporting System collects information on accidents involving trucks and other commercial vehicles to help analyze and reduce those accidents.

GDT also provides a digital map with named U.S. streets for public distribution by the BTS. This digital map database is the first complete road network database that the U.S. DOT has offered to the public and provides street files that complement other geospatial data offerings from the U.S. DOT.

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