The makings of a legend

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LeeBoy, the world’s leading maker of asphalt pavers, has introduced a new electrically heated Legend Screed System, giving commercial class pavers the first-ever option for electric screed heat. This proven heating system had previously been available only on larger highway-class pavers.

The innovative LeeBoy Legend Electric Screed System continues the company’s leadership in meeting customer needs and is available on LeeBoy 8500, 8515 and 8816 models. The electrically heated Legend Screed System features the design and construction elements that have made the Legend Screed an industry standard for mat quality and productivity. These include bull-nose, heavy-duty replaceable screed plates, angle of attack controls, front-mounted screed extensions and crown/invert control.

“We’ve been watching paving trends and environmental air quality requirements, safety issues and cost effectiveness for several years and felt that now was the time to give the commercial contractor customers their first option for an electrically heated screed system,” said Mike Lee, vice president of product development for LeeBoy.

The Electric Legend Screed System comes in 8- to 15-ft paving width for 8500 and 8515 asphalt paver models. The electrically heated screed for the heavier 8816 model has a paving width of 8 to 15.5 ft. “In the field, our LeeBoy electric screeds have performed extremely well from initial heating of the screed plates to laying down a high-quality mat during a full-day’s paving,” Lee added.

Electric screed heat powered by an on-board electric generator offers the safety benefit of no flame, fuel or fumes from the screed heating process, along with consistent temperature control of the heating elements across the width of the screed plate and extensions, Lee explained. The Legend Electric Screed System also eliminates maintenance costs associated with warped screed plates and burner boxes.
The Legend Electric Screed System gives commercial paving contractors a choice of propane or electricity as the fuel sources for the heating needs of their LeeBoy asphalt pavers. The electric screeds are currently available only for LeeBoy 8500, 8515 and 8816 paver models.

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