MAINTENANCE: MassDOT to expand pothole tracking program

The program enables the department to track pothole locations and size, number of potholes filled, type of material used and cost of repairs

February 24, 2017
The program enables the department to track pothole locations and size, number of potholes filled, type of material used and cost of repairs

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) has announced that it is in the process of expanding its pothole information program that was piloted in areas of central and western Massachusetts over the past year and includes an online MassDOT Potholes Dashboard that provides data to the public.

MassDOT’s program features a user-friendly dashboard that includes a map detailing pothole locations and size, the number of potholes filled, the type of material used, and the total approximate cost of repairs.

The pothole repair program also includes a field application through which MassDOT road crews can input data outlining the date, time, cost and materials used to repair potholes.

The agency’s pothole program has been successfully piloted in the Springfield and Worcester areas, and MassDOT will expand the service to the remaining districts over the next several months. MassDOT expects the application to be implemented in western Massachusetts near the New York border, southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod and the Islands within the next month, and to the I-495 belt, North Shore, and Boston Metropolitan Area months later.

While it is not possible to track all repairs and activity, data collected during the pilot program shows that MassDOT made at least 310 pothole repairs on I-90, (Massachusetts Turnpike), between Sturbridge and Weston in 2016, and has conducted about 210 pothole repairs between Springfield and Weston from January to mid-February this year. The public can report potholes through MassDOT’s telephone ‘Pothole Hotline’, the agency’s website, or they can also be reported to the State or local police, who will contact the agency with the information.