Low-emissions technology

News Caterpillar Inc. March 06, 2001
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The new on-highway truck engines from Caterpillar Inc. should meet environmental regulations for polluting emissions for years to come, according to the company. Caterpillar announced March 6 that all the company’s truck engines would soon use Advanced Combustion Emissions Reduction Technology (ACERT) to meet emissions standards through 2006.

The Peoria, Ill.-based company said the new engines would reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions in its mid-range engines by up to 12% and in its heavy-duty truck engines by up to 8%. The engines also will eliminate odors and cut engine noise in half. The engines run on current diesel fuel blends, as well as the ultra-clean fuel blends available in California and other areas of the country.

"This new technology is an environmentally sound solution that also offers excellent benefits to truck owners," said David Semlow, marketing manager of the Caterpillar Truck Engine Division.

ACERT will be the best emissions solution available for the global truck market, according to Semlow. "Simplified installation makes it beneficial for the truck manufacturer. And lower initial cost, combined with excellent reliability and no expected increase in operating costs, makes it economically attractive to the truck owner and should translate into better resale value."

Cat said a major advantage of ACERT is that it will be cost-effective to install. "ACERT requires minimal new hardware, which lowers the overall cost and greatly simplifies installation for the truck manufacturer," said John Campbell, truck engine products director in Caterpillar’s Performance Engine Products Division.

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