Lost and found

“It wasn’t unusual for us to lose a piece of equipment.”

Yes, equipment theft is a key issue for the construction industry, but that is not what Craig Parker, vice president of Silver Star Construction, Moore, Okla., was referring to. “We wouldn’t lose it, per se; we just wouldn’t remember where the heck it was. We misplaced a scraper one time, and it took us two months to find it.”

Silver Star Construction Co. is a contractor that works predominantly in southern and mid-Oklahoma doing asphalt and concrete paving, earthwork and stabilization.

“But, since we began using the Dispatcher, we don’t lose stuff anymore,” Parker said. “Now we know where each of our 365 pieces of equipment are every day.”

Silver Star began using the Dispatcher resource-management software from HCSS in 2004. It is not only helping them keep up with their equipment, but also with their smaller equipment attachments.

“Over time, the smaller pieces can affect how much money we’re making or slow down production where that resource isn’t available,” Parker said.